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Do beta blockers always work?

Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with prolonged QT syndrome, as my interval was 560 at times more often when moving around. Not sure which time as I have not been tested yet. I've been put on metoprolol 50mg twice a day, I kind of had a panic attack before because i thought I was going to pass out as ive blacked out a few times during exercise. I think it was just panic that made me go dizzy as my heart rate was not erratic, however the thing is my heart was still beating forcefully and fast when I panicked, I thought the aim of the beta blockers were to stop the heart beating so fast. It does seem slower during the day though. Anyways anyone have any ideas if these are working? I've got an appointment with the doc tomorrow but i just wanted a bit of advice in the meantime. Thank you.
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I'm pretty sure the only intent of the beta blocker is to keep the rate lower.  It blocks the effects of adrenaline on the cardiac muscle, so it keeps the rate slower when there's extra adrenaline in your system.
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Thank you, I don't think I had even give them chance to work. I'd only been on them two days, Seem to be working now thanks for your answers.
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I was on 50mg 2x/day for many years.  I can't tell you this: It took a little long to bring my heart up to "operational speed" during physical exertion. I usually warm up a little longer than others to get my heart rate up as it just doesn't want to respond under the effects of the beta blocker.  You can feel it immediately if you try and push it a little too soon.  It's sort of feels like a heavy weight on the chest.  That goes away though when warmed up sufficiently.  I'm now on 75mg per day and have been so for 4 years following my ablation for SVT.  I take it now for mild hypertension and it works great for that.  It's a good drug and I think easily tolerated by most.
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what are you taking tom? I've been on atenalol for years and it works but I've now been prescribed Sotalol following my 'first' run of AF. Not sure how it behaves...any experience?
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I'm on 75mg. per day of Metoprolol.  I find it very easy to take.  I was briefly on Sotalol just before I scheduled my ablation, and I didn't do well at all on it, and went back to Metoprolol.  I can't say that I was on Sotalol long enough to gauge just how well it worked.  But I did have one very bad episode of SVT about 3 days into starting it.  I then switched back.
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