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Docs report today

Well its back,  My heart doc wich is one of the finest in the area says I have pacs.  He wants to put me on betas to keep them at bay.  He also says that it is not going to hurt me BUT in the future there is a good chance the rythm could convert to a fib.   Now I dont know about that but thats what he said.  He also said if he had a choice between pvcs and pacs he said pvcs by far are better to have.   Pvcs are nothing to be concerned about what so ever.  Pacs are not either unless you have them all the time then there is a chance it could turn later on in life.  My first holter showed pvcs every 20th beat the second a month later just showed pacs with no converting rythym.  He also put me on mag maybe that diminished the pvcs?  I dont know?  One more thing he said as far as he knows know one has ever died fro pvcs.  He said pacs are a bit different because of the atrium flutter that causes it.  If the blood cogulates long enough in the flutter it could cause a clot wich after the flutter is over then could be disburst to a persons head. Hence a asprin a day.
What do you guys think?  he is supposed to be top notch.  You cant even get an appointment for three months at a time.
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Sounds like you have good advice.  

I agree an aspirin a day is a good safeguard if your stomach can take the aspirin.  I take my aspirin with breakfast every morning.  

I suffer from AFib, not PVC, so I also take warfarin to reduce the chance of clot formation.  
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When any well-trained cardiologist gives you a clean bill of health, it's always a time to celebrate.  :)

Though I've always heard the opposite, that PACs are nothing to worry about, because the heart is still making it's normal contraction, just that it's doing it more quickly.  With a PVC, the atria are not contracting, just the ventricle(s) throw in an extra contraction.  But either way, as far as heart rhythm disorders go, if you had to choose one among all there are out there, PAC or PVC would be your two best choices.

Good pickin'.
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i too heard pac, better than pvc, but both normally benign and both scary too
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My cardiologist told me that PACs are better than PVCs because PVCs can rarely induce VTach.
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I have had PAC's for awhile now.  I was on toporal xl and then metropl.  I have developed an allergy to the Toporal. I was on it for about 3/4 yrs. I am now on day 3 of the Atenonol.  Still having the PAC's and am very tired.  Has anyone else developed an allergy to toporal.  I can really feel the PAC's and it's horrible.  I am thinking about calling the Cardio and trying to get in to see him to make sure all is well.  They are very annoying and make me anxious.  Any thoughts?
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