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Does Ditalizem really work for acute SVT attacks?

I have had a few SVT attacks (about 5 in two years), been to the ER once to stop it (very expensive).  I had one just tonight that is tearing me apart and my last one was in June.  I have seen an electrophysiologist since and he, of course, suggested ablation.  Because they were so infrequent, I tried the medication approach. He prescribed 30 mg of Ditalizem and to take one or two when I have an episode.  I want to note that I am an extremely anxious person and also on treatment for that.

Tonight I went to the restroom, then I felt it, that breath ripping skip of my heart.  Then another, then BAM 210 bpm.  I tried my best to remain calm.  Took one 30mg of the ditalizem and after 15 min came down to 185.  Took another 30mg tablet.  Didn't move much.  It was very close to an hour that I was at at least 185 and I called the dr on call and he told me to take not any more than 3 and if it doesn't come down in 45 from that time (which had been about an hour and it had just stopped) to go to the ER.  He told me that they are harmless and the worst part is being extremely uncomfortable.  As an anxious person, I feel that if it is so uncomfortable, how can it not cause harm?

Has anyone taken Ditalizem tablets for acute cases of SVT?  I know there are a million posts about this and I apologize for my laziness, I have been panicking since this happened and I am so afraid it will happen again.  Its been 6 hours now.  I've been googling a lot and haven't seen many that weren't taking it on a daily basis as more of a prevention method.

Do I just tough it out?  To go to the ER to pay 3000$ for a shot is what held me back tonight.  Or just stick to taking the medication and crossing my fingers when it happens?

Thanks for any insight :)

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I learned to live with it.  Four years ago, I had an ablation that hopefully eliminated it for good.  Highly recommend it.
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Wow, that's a new one for me to hear about. I was dunking my head in ice water, coughing, bearing down, holding my nose and blowing.

It's been 12 hours now and I am so on edge that it will happen again even though it hasn't before. Can't sleep and have a feeling of fullness on left side of chest.  I have a feeling I will be panic attack prone a while.  

Sorry to hear you have had so many,  each one I have had has been so emotionally taxing I can't imagine.

Thanks for the reply!
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I don't know if I've seen anyone here using it for SVT, but is indicated for it.  Just be careful with it. While the pill is small, it packs a whallop.  Messing with with various anti-arrhythmics and dosages carries a risk level just like an electrophysiology procedure.  Have you tried any of the known methods for converting an episode?  I used Valsalva for over 50 years to convert my thousand+ episodes.  I've seen people here report that a headstand against a wall was very effective in converting an SVT episode.
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