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Does anybody else have some pvcs that feel different than other pvcs

I have pvcs and feel them in different ways. Sometimes I feel just a little flip flop feeling with a little pause. Sometimes I feel a little fast catch in my heart rhythm. Then I get the ones I absolutely hate. It feels like the breath has been sucked out of me and I get a pain in my chest. It jars my whole body. I was just wondering if anyone else feels there pvcs in different ways our do everyone they have feel the same way. Does anyone know why some feel different then others. Thanks
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I am in the middle of a 7-month run of frequent PVCs and they feel different all the time.  I really hate them all, but sometimes they are harder to feel or softer I guess, and I can deal with those a little better.  I am so sick of all of it right now.  Have a second visit with my EP scheduled in a couple weeks to decide if I want an ablation.  Scary decision to make.  If I thought these would never stop I would do it, but I have had long bouts with them before and they went back to being just random or when I'm super nervous so not sure what to do.  Hope you feel better soon!
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Ablation is a good solution and fairly safe. However I would mentally prepare yourself to require 2 ablations if that’s the route you go.

About 20%-30% of patients will see a return of PVCs after 6 months and require a second. If you aren’t prepared for 2 procedures it may not be right for you.

I have yet to see a significant complication from a PVC ablation.
....why would you, do you work in a cath lab? Thought not. Maybe keep that for people who know what they're talking about?
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