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Does anyone have any info on RVOT-VT

Hi all!

I was diagnosed with RVOT-VT earlier in the week. I was originally diagnosed with WPW as I had 230bpm recorded on 24hr halter monitor and evidence of Delta wave on resting ecg, but during EP study last week, they triggered my palpitations I've been getting which turned out to be sustained VT (approx 4mins worth and 260bpm recorded). They've ruled out ARVD following my MRI results and I'm back on the waiting list for an urgent ablation.

I understand this is a benign condition, but I haven't fully wrapped my head around it. What causes it? What about the condition makes it safe? Is it a safe rhythm? I tend to get palpitations almost all day (have done for years) and then sustained VT during exercise. If I chose to exercise, would I do myself any damage? I am struggling to find any info online about this particular condition, and have more questions than answers.

Hope you can help
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I don't know much about the issue but believe it is easier to correct, is the most common type of vt so chances are good they can correct it with the ablation.  VT that sustains and doesn't convert back is dangerous and can lead to cardiac arrest but yours does tend to revert back.  I think that makes it less dangerous but 4 minutes is a long time.  I personally would hold off exercising until it gets corrected since that seems to be the big trigger.  Best of luck.  Keep us posted on how it goes.
Thanks Michelle! Ablation is likely to be early August so will post on here with an update after. Fingers crossed it's easily fixed!
I will hold you in my prayers for a successful ablation.  
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Hi all,

Thought I'd update.. I had my ablation last week.

I'm not sure if it worked, time will tell. Unfortunately, the team who induced my VT back in May were on holidays so I had a new consultant for my procedure, I didn't think it would make a difference but it was a frustrating experience!

He met me before the procedure, said that he wouldn't be inserting any catheters unless he could induce my VT beforehand. He suggested I walked to the lab hoping it would trigger something. I told him it was very unlikely to happen, as I tended to go into VT quite far into an intense workout, that a 10min high intensity workout normally wouldn't do it, but 15-20mins intense workout would, it's like my heart needs to build up to it.

Fast forward to me being in the lab, all stickered up, they start the adrenaline and my heart starts beating faster, but sinus rhythm. He keeps coming over to me saying 'im not seeing anything, I'm going to stop soon and we'll have to manage with drugs'. I keep insisting he reads the notes from what happened last time, and when I wore the 24hour tape, insisting I'm not making it up. He keeps saying 'but I'm not seeing anything today' and I keep saying 'but you're not inducing them the way the team did before..'

He suggests I move my legs around, think of something stressful, I laugh and tell him it won't make a difference, I don't get VT from my stressful job, from walking around, I get it during a hard workout, a 30-1hr run. I tell him if he sends me home, I'll be right back because the problem hasn't gone away.

Finally, he said 'fine, seeing as you're so keen, I'll use the catheters'. He went in with one, tried some very tame bumps to try and get my heart to go into VT but nothing happened (compared to the last team, he really didn't try very hard!) Finally, he decided to pace map. He went straight to my RVOT, found a reasonably sized area that glowed up red when he pace mapped and ablated for a few mins. Seeing as he couldn't induce me beforehand, he's unable to test and see if the ablation worked. I then thanked him for persisting, and that was that really.

I'm resting up at home now, no chest pain, chest a little tight yesterday when I walked around a bit, still getting palpitations, but will be working out from next week and hopefully, I don't get any more VT!

Anyone else have a similar experience?

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