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Does anyone know what ventricular tachycardia feels like!?

Does anyone here suffer from v-tach??? What do your episodes feel like?

Does this sound like it could be non-sustained ventricular tachycardia (NSVT) to you? (I am 28yo, 110lb, athletic, f)...

...I get PVC's quite often. Not scary, bc I know they are not dangerous. Once every several months though, I get what feels like PVC's on steroids! It feels like several PVC's in a row. My heart doesn't feel like it is doing any real, effective pumping when this happens- just wild, clumsy thumping. I start feeling unfocused/lightheaded/dizzy-ish.

The last episode was so intense that it dropped me to my knees. The episode only lasts for a few, panicked seconds (5 to 10 sec maybe?), but it feels like if it were to last longer I'd probably pass out. . . . They happen at random times. I'll just be chatting or answering emails or something innocuous and then.... WHAM-O!

Thoughts??? The episodes happen really infrequently
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Why did you jump to the idea that it might specifically be VT? The only real way to tell is to go see a cardiologist/electrophysiologist and likely go through a good amount of monitoring and testing. I’ve done it all and it isn’t easy but if you’re concerned by the way it feels, you should go get checked out. Heart rhythms can be serious or harmless. Only one way to tell.
VT is usually associated with some other heart problem. Not so in my case that anyone can find. If you haven’t had some other heart problem or structural issue, it’s less likely to be VT but sometimes healthy young people get VT too for any number of reasons.
I think VT feels different for different people and can last only a short time or a longer time. VT can be very dangerous- I think what you describe could be anything. Do yourself a favor and go find out for sure. It might take time for a doctor to capture it on a monitor or something but don’t sit around worries about it- get some answers.  
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