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Does the brand of beta blocker really matter?

About two months ago I filled up a new prescription for my beta blocker, which in my case is Atenolol, only this time when I went to the pharmacy they informed me they don't have the same brand anymore. I always thought brand doesn't matter so I told them to go ahead and fill the order thinking there would be no change. Well, to my surprise once I started the new order of beta blocker my palpitations drastically decreased. I've never been one to get too many palpitations, but all of the sudden I was going 2-3 sometimes up to 5-6 days without a single palpitation, and on days I did get them I'd only get 1 maybe 2. It's been a couple months now and the same is true. Everything else has stayed the same in my life.
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By brand do you mean the manufacturer or an entirely different beta blocker?  I took Toprol and suffered with dizzy spells and fatigue.  A new cardio switched me to Atenolol, saying it did not cross the blood-brain barrier and he believed I would have less dizziness with it and he was right.  Again, these are 2 different TYPES of beta blockers that work in different ways, not simply a different manufacturer of the same drug.  Hope this helps.  At any rate, it sounds like you are doing better on the new drug and you can't beat that.  
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I meant manufacturer. Kind of like ibuprofen is the drug, but Advil is the brand. The pharmacist didn't change my doctors prescription on me. Sorry if I wasn't clear. That's why I was so surprised to see such a drastic change in my palpitations. I'm the kind of guy that usually buys the generic because it's cheaper and the same thing as far as I'm concerned when it comes to any over or under the counter medications. For some reason though it made a difference for my body in this case, and I never would have given it a second thought had I not felt the difference myself, and to be perfectly honest I'm not even sure which medication was more or less expensive since I usually get a one year prescription at a time and it's been such a long time since I last filled the prescription. All I know is I felt a difference. It didn't even hit me until a little over a week after until I realized I hadn't had any palpitations in a few days and It had been years since I'd gone days without any. Here I am few months later now, and I'm still only getting a few per week as opposed to hundreds to thousands per week that I used to get.
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