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ECG Results Concern

About two weeks ago I woke in the night with fast heart rate and was brought to the ER.  I have had fast heart rate in the past and my internal medicine doctor put me on toprol xl 50 mg once a day.  At the hospital they did cardiac testing and told me it was anxiety.  On the ECG they performed my results came back borderline.  They also gave me 5mg lopressor in the IV, and I've been having PVC's ever since the administration of the drug.  I was wondering if I should be concerned about my ECG results and what do they mean? Could these borderline results be causing the PVC's? Or is it just nerves?

Vent rate 121 bpm            Sinus tachycardia
PR interval 116 ms            Incomplete right bundle branch block
QRS duration 106 ms
QT/QTc 344/488 ms
P-R-T axes 31 28 19  

the second page:
Vent rate 130 bpm            Sinus tachycardia
PR interval 118 ms            Left atrial enlargement
QRS  duration 104 ms            Incomplete right bundle branch block
QT/QTc 326/486 ms
P-R-T axes 56 23 19

Thank you for your time :o)
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EKG reading machines are often incorrect, it means more to look at the EKG.
Assuming the computer read out is correct.
Your heart rate is fast at 130 but a normal rhythm (consistent with anxiety).
Incomplete right bundle does not mean much and is often over called.
The corrected qt interval is long, but the equation does not work as well at faster rates.

The honest answer is you should have a doctor look at the EKG -- it means much more than the interpretation.

I hope this helps.
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Thank you very much.  I have an appointment with my doctor  for next week.
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