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ECG results...

Does anyone know how to read an ECG?...Back in January i was in the hospital for dehydration my heart rate was 154, they discharged me when my heart was still 125 and said it will be fine your just dehydrated...i never went back to see a doctor about it...but my heart never did return to "Normal" it continued to stay between 110-145 on the odd day my heart rate will be 93-99...i recently had an ECG For an upcoming day surgery...and my heart rate was 111 and it said Sinus Tachycardia...my V-rate was 99, PR 176, QRSD 86, QT 328 and QTc 446...is this normal? I DO! have anxiety and im aware it could be the cause of my fast heart beat...but i dont want it to be overlooked incase its NOT anxiety...can anyone help?
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The numbers are normal but you should ask your doctor if the EKG was normal. There is a lot more to an EKG than just the numbers.

If your heart rate on average is between 110 and 145, a cause must be found. Of course it may be anxiety, but people can have heart problems causing a rapid heart rate and also have anxiety.
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Well..I never received a call about my results so I'm assuming it must be normal..my surgery is still a go
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