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EKG Results

I just got an EKG and these were my results nothing was explained to me:

QRS: 82 ms
QT/QTcB 346/454 ms
PR 132 ms
P 98 m
RR/PP  568/575 ms
P/QRS/T 35/22/10 degrees

12SL- Interpretation
Sinus Tachycardia
Nonspecific St Abnormality
Abnormal ECG

I was referred to a cardiologists
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probably referred to review the ST abnormality in more detail.  This has to do with what's happening between the S and T waves of your heart beat.  These waves originate in the the ventricles, lower part of the heart.  the term "abnormality" can mean 20+ different types of findings which will lead to more investigations based on the findings.  You'll have to work this out with a cardiologist.
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