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Ectopic like feeling that lasts 2-3 seconds. What is it?

Hello everyone. I know this topic is discussed frequently but I really need help with this weird feeling concerning my heart. I get PVC's and PAC's mostly everyday and although these gave me quite the scare when they first appeared now they are just a nuisance. But maybe twice a month I get this different rhythm which occurs for 2-3 seconds. It feels and starts like and ectopic but then my heart seems to be stuck there beating weirdly for a couple of beats. It is not fast I presume, at least it doesn't feel like it. I do not get any other symptoms during this episode not even lightheaded or breathless. I just get fearful and usually stand up and panic for a few seconds. Most people on this forum probably know what I am talking about but has anyone actually got this caught on a monitor. I am having trouble keeping my mind at ease without knowing what this really is. It does not feel like bigeminy because there is no normal rhythm when this is happening just feels like my every beat is an ectopic or whatever. Hope someone can help.
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Hello~Skipped beats can present them self in so many different ways, they still could be the PVC's and PAC's, however. It could also be a short run of "Atrial runs" they can feel like that, they stop as fast as they start.  I would ask your doctor or cardiologist, maybe they will have some insight on this.
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