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Exhaustion, fever and palps post AVNRT, how long will this continue?

Its now 10 days after the ablation for AVNRT and I am getting more exhausted by the day. I have an appt with my EP on Friday. He will assess but I thought I would be back at work the week after but I can't even walk far now without feeling terrible, I hope it was worth it as I NEVER felt this exhausted and unable to do things before.

Best wishes

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Everyone's recovery is different lee, every one gets the best scenario from their Dr. And at times longer side affects, go see the Dr. Try to do what you can and go from there. I have a scheduled ablation April 22.
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Thanks Brad, its just difficult and scary at the moment as I feel awful. Good luck with yours.

You say you have a fever?  How high is it?  It is possible you picked up an infection. You may want to call your doctor and tell them about the fever.  
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I had an appt with my EP last Friday, ECG and Echo fine. He requested chest x-ray, bloods and stress test. Will get all results on Friday this week. I have been getting slightly better but its taking so long. I should be thankful really but I just never expected to be this exhausted and affected by the surgery, I suppose we are all different. Good luck to you all
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