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Experiences with Supraventricular Tachycardia

Does anyone have experience with SVT. I experienced 2 episodes last year and went to the cardiologist where they said my heart was healthy (echo, holter) my holster only showed 3 pacs in 48 hours. No pvcs. I was sent on my way and I felt confident it wouldn't happen again. Fast forward this year I'm under a tremendous amount of stress. I'm having multiple episodes of panic attacks and anxiety. As well as well as some depression. I had another episode of SVT it completely freaked me out. I panicked and called 911. It only lasted maybe less than 8 minutes and I came out of it. I told the medics to take me to the hospital. My heart rate was staying at 130. This could have been anxiety. They gave me Ativan. Still staying between 120-130. They gave me metoprolol and that brought it down. The nurse told me to follow up with my cardiologist because maybe there is an underlying cause as to why my heart rate was 120 and only the metoprolol brought it down. Not the Ativan. I was trying my hardest to calm my heart rate down but it wouldn't go down. 2 days later I'm wiped with depression. I can't believe this happened again. I'm fearing the worse. I'm only 27 and it makes me extremely sad. I don't want to have a "heart condition" It freaks me out. It makes me think about my future. Will this happen again? Why wouldn't my heart rate go down? I have an appointment tmw with the cardiologist but I keep having crying spells. It's really stressing me out. I thought I gotten past this. The only time I have ever has an episode is when I'm stressed. One episode I had I was able to breathe and completely calm myself down. I just don't get it. I'm depressed to the point where I'm not functional. People say it's not life threatening but it's sooooo scary. I just wanted to hear anyone else's struggle with this.
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