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Extremely slow heart rate

One night I was going to bed and so I layed down, and suddenly my heart rate started to slow down like crazy, and each heart beat felt like it was pounding really heavily inside my chest. I was scared so I stopped laying down and sat upright, and it quickly went back to normal. When I layed back down it started doing the same thing. My heart rate is normally 80-90 bpm and during this moment I would say my heartrate was at about 40-50 bpm. I think this lasted about five to ten minutes. Does anyone know possible reasons as to why this happened?
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I was put on this drug for a minimally elevated BP and rare tachycardia by my PCP. I have a pacemaker to control bradycardia and  aFib and it is doing a great job. I saw a Board certified heart failure specialist at Duke Cardiology yesterday and he said I should never had been put on the drug so he is tapering me off using the immediate acting, 30mg to take 3/day for 10 days, then 2/ day for 10 days then 1 daily for 10 days. So I think you are being properly advised. There are very few cardiologist with my doctors credentials  and I have 100% confidence in him. If you care to Google him his name is Dr. Marat Fudim or you can visit the Duke Cardiology website. It is one of the best in the entire country if not in the world. I hope this helps.
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