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Fast HR after eating

Hello everyone, I know this is probably a stupid question, but I'd like to know what can cause a fast HR for 15 minutes or so, even when the person is resting and relaxed?

I'm not talking about SVT or crazy fast rates. My HR is between 60-70 at rest but sometimes it can go to 110-120 after eating, even if I'm doing nothing. Then after some time, it starts slowing down and gets back to normal gradually.  

I know digestion can make your heart works faster, but is it normal to get HRs that are twice your resting HR? I feel there's something else here.  Can it be intolerance to some kind of food?


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Probably a combination of getting anxious after eating and the normal heart rate response to eating. I used to have the same problem.

If you feel that your heart rate is higher after eating high carb meals, it may be caused by low blood sugar after eating carbs (reactive hypoglucemia). The solution if that's the case is avoiding high carb meals or adding proteins and healthy fat.
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thanks, I will try to reduce the carbs and see the effect. And you're right, I think it can be a bit of anxiety aswell, because now after eating I'm always "expecting" that the HR gets fast, and it actually does. It's not even an conscious feeling, it's almost an automatic response.

Thanks again.
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Yes, at least that's what I experienced. I think the key is to learn how to not care about the heart rhythm. The heart will control itself, anything we do to control it will just make the heart rhythm faster and/or weirder.

As my cardiologist said, "forget that you have a heart". Not in the emotional sense, and of course you should try to live as healthy as you can to maintain good cardiac health, but try not to be aware of normal variations in the heart rhythm (like occational rapid heart rhythm or normal premature beats).
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