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Fast heart rate and PVCs when waking up.

Long post but I don’t know what else to do!

I was diagnosed with tachycardia when I was pregnant with my son almost 6 years ago. I was medicated on and off but my first cardiogist said I didn’t need to be. After my miscarriage 4 years ago I started taking my medicine again because at rest my HR was 120s. I took coreg...I felt fine... never had any problems.
Last year in September I woke up one morning (after not sleeping well) sent my kids off to school.. started cleaning and I bent over to get something and when I stood up my heart felt like it was beating so strange in my throat, like it was irregular. It wouldn’t stop, I was scared and freaking out so my husband left work and took me to the ER. By that time it had stopped of course, and my heart rate was just a little fast in the 120s. They gave me Ativan and sent me on my way. **I do have a history of anxiety and panic attacks** my dad is 46 with a difibulater due to a very serious heart condition- VT. So I am scared that I will be like my dad or have the same thing as my dad. When my sister was 21 she went into AFIB, but is now fine. She has episodes sometimes but not often. I constantly live in fear. I carry around my pulse ox to check my heart rate and my blood pressure cuff. It’s not healthy!**
But anyways after this incident we went to Disney and I was ok. I did experiance a lump in my throat while at animal kingdom and began to throw up and I pushed it off as anxiety.
When we got back home my cardiologist ordered a 30 day holter. It showed normal sinus rhythm with some PVCs but nothing crazy. Maybe 1 or 2 a day. My heart rate would get up into the 140s without me knowing which is weird because I can always tell when it’s up. So they kept my meds the same and sent me on my way. Then I started having and awful symptom. I started waking up with extremely fast heart rates.. 130s-180s. It would start when I woke up, set up in the bed. I’d start having these awful palpitations I’d get up and start freaking out (which doesn’t help). It felt like it was beating fast and irregular. I’d hold my face in water and try to calm down. This went on every single day. They’d tell me over and over it’s anxiety but I wouldn’t believe it. How can I wake up with anxiety?! After medicine dose changes, then changing my meds entirely nothing was helping. They did a stress test, echo, all was normal. I switched cardiologist because I just felt like my other one was not taking me serious and laughed at me that it was anxiety and that I needed to calm down. The new cardiologist did a holter and everything was normal. There was 1 readying of 140s but it was sinus rhythm. I was on 75 mg of metoprolol and it made me feel awful. It helped my PVCs but I was still waking up with high heart rate. One day after a nap I woke up, rushed to get ready to go pick up my son from school and everything looked weird. I was like “I just got up too fast and it will go away” but it didn’t. I was so dizzy and was sure I was going to pass out. After seeing my cardiologist that day they said that my BP was probably dropping when I was standing. They said a lot of girls my age go through this and go through POTS. They switched my meds to 2.5 bisoprolol and it was working great. I felt ok. My BP and heart rate was perfect. But when I would wake up I felt pounding in my chest but it wasn’t beating fast so I tried not to pay much attention. There was one day after cleaning I was like man I’m having palpitations and I felt like I was going to pass out and I was panicking. I calmed down and it went away. But yesterday for the first time in over a week, I woke up with my heart rate in the 130s-140s. And I tried not to panic. I just went to the couch and put my feet up and it came down pretty quick (I will add when this happens my heart rate does go down pretty quick, it doesn’t stay elevated).

I’m just at my wits end. I’m scared to do anything. This has been going on for 6 months every single morning. My husband and I love to travel and I’m scared to do that anymore. I’m 24 with 3 kids and I feel like I can’t enjoy life because a serious heart condition that is going to send me into cardiac arrest is in the back of my mind everyday. I carry around a pulse ox and a blood pressure cuff and check it like a million times a day. That’s not normal! Through out the day I feel like my heart beats irregular but every test shows that it doesn’t. I’m at the point now where I’m seeing psych, a gastrologist to see if that’s causing this because I have horrible indigestion all the time, I’m going to see my PCP to get blood work for cortisol levels, TSH (I have a goiter but no one is worried about it). I’m trying to check everything! I’m just so upset and sad about it all. I want to feel normal again. I want to be able to go away for a weekend with my husband and not wake up with a crazy heart rate and be afraid I’m going to die out of town!
I hope someone has experienced this and can help. Sorry my post is so long!
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You could have anticipatory anxiety. If you have a lot of stress in your life or have anxiety regarding certain issues, you could wake up with a fast heart beat.  

Did they catch PVC's, PAC's or SVT on the holter? If so, why not ask for an ablation?  I have heard so many good things about ablations. Many people have been "cured" with this.
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