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Forcing arrhythmia

So, I'm a very active young male, 24yo, workout intensely 1-2 hrs 4-5 days a week. I am sexually aroused by the sensation of palpitations, so I induce arrhythmias in my heart via breath manipulation and pressure applied to my chest. I do this nearly every day and have for about ten years.

A handheld ekg with limb leads revealed that mostly I induce PVCs and PACs, sometimes in bigeminy; but occasionally I'll get more dangerous rhythms, such as short bursts of polymorphic vtach. But I do not get arrhythmia without forcing it. In fact my heart is quite healthy, during training today I maintained a heart rate of 202 and recovered to 126 within a minute.

What is this doing to my heart? It occasionally races or flutters now, but still pretty infrequently.
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I was not sure if this was a joke?

I've never heard of anyone able to induce polymorphic VT by breathing or applying pressure to the chest, and I'm still not sure this is what you actually get. But if it is, please be aware that these rhythms can be lethal and you should absolutely not deliberately provoke them, unless you have a death wish.

Please seek treatment for this extremely unhealthy habit. And if you are having polymorphic VT, deliberately or not, something is wrong with your heart and you should talk to your doctor about that too. This is not a rhythm that occur out of nothing.
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