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Frequent trembling heart, history of heart disease


I'm concerned with an issue that appears to be getting worse.

Recently my heart has been trembling a lot and i find it hard to sleep because i can feel it beating. I used to feel pain in my heart on occasion before, but i have not had that recently. When I drink coffee the tremors are more noticeable and more frequent.

On my mothers side, she has history of high blood pressure and heart disease, her father died at 50 from a heart attack and my cousion (32 female) has a pacemaker.

Other symptoms include:
Redness under my eyes
Pitted and grooved nails

Personal profile:
25 y/o male
Smoker - 10 a day
I used to use cocaine infrequently for around 2 years (a heavy session once a month)
I don't drink alot maybe once a week

Please see these pictures  

Thank you in advance for your advice
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As for your fingers and eyes you should probably get an overall healthy screening especially having your thyroid checked just to be sure. It could be your electrolytes are off but best to get checked out overall.  So go see a doctor and see what they say.  Take care.
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It may be nothing but stomach issues or it may be something simple like an svt or ectopic activity but no one can say for sure until you get it captured on a monitor.  I would say see your doctor and try to get one you can wear for a day, a 24 hour holter, if you get the symptoms every night or if you only get them on occasion but within a months time you can try an event monitor that you can wear for a month but some you have to manual trigger the recording so make sure you get proper instructions before you get it.  I would suggest switching to caffeine free coffee.  Caffeine is a big trigger for heart palpitations. And if you can quit smoking that would do your heart good as well.  I know it can be hard, I smoked for 25 years and I needed the meds to quit which do have some concerning side effects you need to be aware of if you have emotional issues but definitely worth it to quit and be free from the dependency as well it is the best thing I did for my heart my cardiologist said even more so than having my svt corrected.  In any event see the doctor and get a handle on what is going on first and then take it from there.  Best of luck and keep us posted on how you are doing.
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