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Good Luck messages for Tom

Just wanting to wish you good luck on your upcoming ablation.
Hope everything goes well for you and you leave those darn SVT palpitations on the Cath lab table.

Keep us informed on how you go.

Good luck again
Take care
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Awww....thanks Jan!  I looking forward to it with extreme anxiousness.  I expressed this to the anesthesiologist at my pre-admission testing on Tuesday, and he said no problemo, that they'd give me something very nice for that!  I'll let you know how things go.  Some good karma sent my way on Tuesday would be very much appreciated!  Thanks!

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Hi Tom,

Sending you lots and lots of good Karma! :)  

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Karma is on its way Tom, loads and loads of it.

Good luck for tomorrow!

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Tomorrow's the big day!  As the Seinfeld character, Izzy Mandelbaum would say, "It's GO time!"  Hope to write abouit it afterwards, so see you then.
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Healing vibes on the way, I wish you the best.
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Lots of prayers for a successful ablation Tom!!

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good luck tomorrow Tom =)
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"May The Wind Be At Your Back....The Sun Upon Your Face....And The Wings Of Destiny Carry You To A Completely Successful Ablation Tom"   The rooting section is here for you Tom...and no worries my friend...in no time at all you will be asking yourself why you didn't do this sooner...my prayers too are with you and your family for a successful procedure................................
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