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Guys I am really struggling please help.!

As the title says I'm starting to really struggle and could really use some kind words to help me with this. I posted the other day about how I'm now getting episodes of skipped heart beats instead of just an isolated event they are happening in episodes. And I can really feel them it's horrible what's happening? Can anyone relate to this?
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I do suffer from these as well, it has been a struggle with me as well. I have went through all the tests and all the jazz. I do have the lone AFIB with PAC, I am currently have changed meds and on anti anxiety meds with anti depressant. It is hard to cope when every second you feel " is this it moment" I get them every dam day. All I can say is take a minute, take ten breaths and try to tell yourself that you are ok.  I know it is hard to do that, as I am writing this I am telling myself.  Try to trust in your Doctors, and they are doing the best they can, remember they see tons of people, and also seen their share of issues. If you feel you need to get a second doctor, please do. Plus it helps to have a GP on the same page as your cardiologist, that way when you are freaking out they know how to handle it, trust me 5 ER visits, later. I know this sounds crazy but to find a friend to talk to, go on a walk, My best friend has been having thyroid issues and heart issues. She listens to me, and as I do her. Please try not to let this beat you. Go to the doctor, ask for an ablation . I am currently looking at doing this, because I have things to this life, I am not ready I know you wont let this beat you.. I will pray for you,, I hope that is ok.. Many Blessings Jess
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Thanks for the reply! I am waiting on a heart monitor that I am going to wear for a week and then going from there :) I just don't like it when it happens in runs like I will have one and then another and then maybe 3 in a row and then it goes back to normal so strange.
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I'm an 11k/day guy since earlier this year.  Now it is lower - maybe a thousand PVCs per day or so?  Anyways, the beta blocker didn't stop mine.  It just makes me feel it a little less although I to still feel them.

I'm still kicking and actually started running a few times per week.  If you can confirm they are "benign" then it seems to be an exercise in how well you can ignore it...
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I would sometimes get hardly any for a couple weeks or more, then I'd get 10- 15,000 a day, several per minute. Not fun.  Mine are called benign also, but docs don't understand the discomfort we experience and don't seem empathetic. I researched and found that Acebutolol had great results in a study. So my cardio put me on it, 400mg twice a day. I had a year of virtually no PVCs. Then they came back the other day, but that could be a fluke or I just might need an adjustment of dose. It's worth a try to ask your doc.
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