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H. pylori and pvc's

Hi, has anyone experienced less PVCs after being treated for H.pylori??

I've had pvc's for a year and have recently tested positive for H. pylori... now I'm hopeful that treating it will put an end, or at least significantly diminish, my PVC's.

Hope to hear some success stories!!!!
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I have frequent days, maybe two days a month, where I have MultiFocal PVC's occur every fourth heartbeat or so, that last for days. I have been unsuccessful in getting a Holter Monitor on in time to record these, yet I have had a trip to the emergency room where they recorded some 500 of them occur in a few hours time. I have just received a phone call informing me that I have tested positive for H. Pylori and am to start treatment today. I hope that I see some relief from the PVC's as well, as it is a bad feeling. A kind of hopeless weakness. Would love to hear that this has helped anyone else.
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Yes—I began having PVCs about three years ago with GI issues that were at first attributed to GERD.  After months of investigation, with several doctors, I found on my own that taking supplemental acid in the form of Apple Cider vinegar or Betaine HCL helped.  I was really just making an H Pylori infection though, which flared a few months ago into duodenal ulcers.  Positive breath test and a successful eradication with triple therapy later, and I can say that after the gastritis completely healed (about two months after completing treatment), I’m feeling no PVCs.

Obviously, every case may be different, but in mine the PVCs were clearly tied to the H Pylori infection.  I’m thankful both are gone!
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