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HI I am 64 year old male ,5 foot 8 ,207 pounds well controlled diabetic last a1c 5.7.  walk 3 miles then jog 1 everyday lost 50 pounds the last 3 years. controlled high blood pressure 123/ 70 average. the other day during my morning walk run started having quick on on off low  medium chest pain, started not even a Quarter mile in to my routine, had about 4 or 5  during the 4 miles . when I  got home they continued ( very brief about 1 sec. ) drove mt self to ER AS A  precaution they ran a ekg and I had one of those brief chest pains during the procedure but EKG came back normal, does that rule out it being heart related. they did cardiac troponin blood test twice both came back normal but that was only 4 hours after chest pain do not no if they should have waited longer. chest x ray blood work was all so fine. sent me home and said keep doing what you were doing pain was muscular ,  talk to your doctor . hes out of town for two weeks. that is why I  wondering if normal ekg with chest pain ruled out cardio thanks
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