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I am a 22 year old male in decent shape. (no athlete by any means). I'm 6'4, 218lbs. I have had pretty bad anxiety and panic attacks for as long as I can remember. For some reason I have low potassium levels (could be to a lot of binge drinking). My heart seems to beat uneven especially at night. The best way I can explain it is it will beat really slow and then speed up almost like its trying to catch up. I experiece palpitations, PVC's, chest pain, lightheadedness, and a slow heart rate of 45-55 most of the time. My doctor had me wear a Holter monitor for 24 Hours and it showed everything noraml besides the slow HR. My doctor says it is nothing to worry about and that it is just because I am a healthy young man. Being the anxious freak I am however, I find this hard to accept. I cant help but wonder if my constat worrying and anxiety over this could really cause these symptoms? So my question is should I have more testing done or trust my doctor or get a second opinion? any replies are appreciated. Thanks.
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I've had something similar for a while, seems to be getting worse though. I've had a holter/echo, everything was fine apparently. My heart just beats unevenly all the time. It will speed up for a beat or two, then beat weak, then harder, then normal, then weak, hard, normal etc. It's extremely annoying. My resting heart rate is also low, usually 48-55. I'm the opposite of an athlete. I can't find anyone on the internet with anything similar, which is strange.
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What you just described is basically identical to what I am experiencing. Do you also have anxiety?
Yes I do. My diet is also pretty terrible and I suspect that has something to do with it.
I forgot to mention that I feel lightheaded a lot aswell. I get another type of dizziness where it feels like I'm wobbling on a boat or as if there was a sudden drop for a split second. It's hard to explain. Do you have acid reflux/GERD? I think that might be contributing to my problems aswell.
I get lightheaded a lot as well. Stangely, I can't lay flat on my back without a 2 pillows or I will get EXTREMLEY dizzy but as soon as I turn to my side the dizziness stops. How old are you?
I'm 22 aswell. It's weird. I can't find anything that would make the heart beat so strangely. It's like it can't beat normally for more than 2 or 3 beats.
Does your heart ever feel like there is a really long pause between beats and its beating harder than it should for a few seconds? Mine does this multiple times a day then it feels like it has a hard time returning to normal beats but it does. I also can tell when this is happening as I feel a fluttering sensation in my chest and throat.
I'm not sure if these are PVC's or not?
My heart is always pausing (not very long, but longer than normal) at random times, but what you described does sound like PVCs/PACs. Probably PACs. I definitely have PACs now and then and there is always a long pause after then a few quick beats.

I find my heart has a hard time returning to normal after I've done something like run up stairs or something. It's like it's trying to get back to normal but it can't do it smoothly, like this:

x-x-x---x-x-xx--x-x-x-x---x-xx and so on.

I know this sounds like PACs/PVCs but I had this with a holter monitor and it definitely isn't.
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Definitely not dying from PACs. I'm sure someone else could explain it in more detail but it's basically an extra beat that originates in the atrium and  causes an extremely rapid double beat, that can feel like a flutter, then usually a pause. I'm pretty sure it's impossible for anything bad to happen from a PAC.

You might not even be getting PACs, it'd have to be caught on a monitor to know for sure. PACs are not a big deal at all though.

Feel free to PM me if you ever get to the bottom of your random beats, or if you hear anything from your doctor about it. I'm pretty baffled by mine.
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it was nice to finally find someone experiencing similar problems as me but alright sounds good I will be sure to let you know if I find anything out. You do the same please! Take care.
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So what exatly is a PAC? and are we dying or what hah?
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In addition what ithood said, binge drinking probably doesn't help either and make sure you get enough potassium rich foods.
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I am on day 3 of no alcohol. I am also working on trying to change my diet so I can sustain more potassium and magnesium. Thanks for the reply!
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Just my humble opinion, as a 48 year old man who also lived with anxiety and panic attacks, is that you should identify and treat the root cause.   You are obsessing on symptoms.  Where you are looking is where you will go.  So what do you think the root cause is?  ....if you said anxiety, then bingo.   Just my humble opinion.  Well perhaps not so humble.  :-).  
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I appreciate the reply. I have trouble getting over the "nothing is actually wrong with me".
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