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Had 2 ablations, 1 for AFIB & 1 for SVT. Now I'm scared

I had an ablation for AFIB which the Dr. believed went well.  After the AFIB ablation while still under anesthetic the Dr. determined I also had SVT (AVNRT) so 1 month later I had an ablation for that as well.  It's been 12 days since my SVT ablation and I feel like crap!  My heartbeat while resting is about 100 BPM and I go into irrythmya getting up at night and making my way to the bathroom, sometimes going up in BPM to almost 200.  I can't even climb 5 or 6 stairs without going int AFIB or SVT.  I'm also extreemly out of breath unless I just lie in bed.

Is all this normal after ablations for AFIB and SVT?  I realize it hasn't been much more than a week and during the 3 month blanking period anything can happen but this is really difficult and scary as hell.

Any help appreciated

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Dan, it's far to soon.  I was on Advil for a few weeks following mine.  Also my heart rate was elevated for a couple of weeks afterwards before slowly returning to normal.  My daughter had an ablation for Afib last January, and reported the same thing.  Give it time, and  rest.
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