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Had WPW- Successful Ablation!

I just wanted to post my experience.  Just joined this website - have suffered WPW all my life.  46 yr old healthy female with almost no symptoms (nothing that bothered me, at least) had flutters, palps, vibrations, etc. but did not stop me from caffeine, the gym, sudafed! or anything else until 8 weeks ago. Came on suddenly and fast, within 39 minutes I was at 323 bpm and paremedics had to "cardiovert" me in front of my two children, husband and local police.  Holy cow - I realized when I read the ER report how bad it was it said "WPW patient with Atrial Fib near cardiac arrest" - so I had to have an ablation, had my follow up two days ago and I am completely cured.  Is that crazy?  I almost died?  I thought WPW was otherwise harmless but bothersome.  I learned differently - the cardiologists and EP's say anyone with WPW should be ablated because it's so inconsistent.  My heart rates were fine, and that syndrome lay dormant for over 26 years - I had a small episode in my 20's and was told I had WPW and that people just live with it and it's not life threatening in any way, that is NOT true.  Just had to pass this info on....take care all  heart patients, especially those with WPW and please ask again if you need treatment.  I did and was told to leave things alone as I had no symptons....then 10-17-09 my heart freaked out.  God bless....Pam
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Now that is what i'm talking about Pam......that is why i support ablations so much.  I too have or had WPW had the ablation three years ago and other than a couple of remote incidents i too am a success case.  I believe at my worst my cardiac surgeon said that my heart rate went into the mid 300's and that was why they also pushed me so hard to get it done ASAP....he said damage could start at any time physically to the heart once we bypass 300 but in more cases than none cardiac arrest occurs once we hit that 400 mark......I too feel super lucky because i remember like it was yesterday when i hit that mid 300 mark and had to also be converted and all while i was in Hawaii on vacation with my friends......better than my kids seeing it tho...congrats Pam and welcome to a whole new world and life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's always good to hear a success story on this forum.  thanks for posting!
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