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Had a Holter monitor for palpitations. What do you think of the results?

31 year old here with no heath issues. Started noticing palpitations a month ago and when I felt my pulse I had what appeared to be dropped pulses. I am a nurse so I listened to my heart and was hearing obvious on normal beats. Had a Holter and just got the results.

Sinus bradycardia with sinus tachycardia and a sinus arrhythmia. Lowest heart rate 59, highest 152. Average heart rate 90. Occasionally isolated Supraventricular and ventricular beats. 4477 PACs in 48 hours and 56 PVCs.

That just seems like apt of PACs to me. I know for a fact I NEVER had any abnormal beats until now as I have listened to my heart on numerous occasions and felt my pulse often as well. Some days are worse than others where I can have abnormal beats every 5-15 beats and other days I don’t have many it depends. I have my apt with my primary care on Monday so we will see what he says but I’m hoping for an echo at least. What do you think of these results?
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Hello~I am in a skipping heart support group, and many have way more than you, I doubt think it is anything to worry about, especially in a "structurally normal heart" Your results seem "normal" to me but I am not a doctor.

Perhaps the reason you are feeling them more is due to the fact that they are now making you nervous, when I get scared or nervous over the darn things, I notice every little beat and skip, when I am calmer, they don't seem to bother me as much.
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I would see an EP.  Cardiologists can only do so much.  EP's are in charge of electrical mischarges in your heart.  I've been dealing with light, paroxysmal A-fib all my life.  Four years ago, it increased, but the end of March I literally almost died.  I am now in full-blown A-fib and scheduled for ablation with the possibility of a pacemaker also.  A-fib is progressive.  Just saying, I would see a cardio electrophysiologist.  Being a nurse, you know this stuff.
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Oh, and I had the 30 day monitors twice.  Useless.  I even have a loop recorder implanted in my chest (ordered by an EP) and THAT took forever to actually record the A-fib!  So I definitely recomment seeing an EP!
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My PCP referred me to cardiology for an echo to be sure nothing is going on but he said it is most likely benign. Waiting for my apt to be scheduled.
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