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Have bradycardia 33bpm at sleeping get lightheaded while walking or bending over

I want to know if acupuncture can help my bradycardia or is there medicine to speed it up a little ps my blood pressure is around 110 over 75 most of the time
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First, unless you are a top-level athlete, you have to be under a doctor's care when your heart rate is 33bpm.

Second, you have to discuss with him/her the possible causes of bradycardia, things like thyroid problems, electrolyte imbalances, medications you might be taking.  These might be treatable by changing or adding medications--so, yes, a prescription *might* help.  Perhaps.

If your heart's actual 'wiring' is on the fritz and not transmitting correctly, then a pacemaker may be necessary.

Here is more information about bradycardia:


Unfortunately, acupuncture has no helpful effect on bradycardia.

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