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Heart Attack Symptoms

In many cases, due to Acidity,Indigetion,Gastric problems in stomach , one feels breath less, pressue in chest etc. Also due to this,there is pain in the shoulder etc.These syptoms are very near to heart related pain and possible heart attack.

Can some one please explain me how to distinguish between the two.Due to similarity in pain, there is always a chance of false alarm and emergency or panic actions and unnecessary fear in the mind.

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If one suffers from regular gastric problems they should know the symptoms and do the "math".  If they don't, be safe, seek medical attention.

There are other symptoms associated with a heart attack, but while any of the symptoms is sufficient to indication a heart attack, none of them are necessary.  Heart attack can occur without warning symptoms.  

The list of heart attack symptoms are  are well documented on this family of forums.  

Also, you may find more information on the "heart disease" forum, this forum specializes on rythmn issues.
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