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Heart Palpitations

I am a 37 year old female. It was August 2018 when I first experienced shortness of breath, spinning room (dizzy) heart racing, could not swallow water, over heated, tingling sensation all over my head. This woke me out of my sleep. I've been going through the constant palpitations since that night. Seen 3 cardiologist, had every test you can name, they all say my heart is healthy, but I'm still going through this every other night. They prescribed beta blocker and my body could not adjust to that so I was switched to a calcium channel blocker. I just had another episode of a racing heart while taking the channel blocker. During the heart racing at 182mpb I start to shake uncontrollably. I weigh 163 and stand 5'7. This is driving me nuts and its weighing heavily on my quality of life. Magnesium gel tablets made them worst so I stopped taking those before the doctor prescribed the other things. I never had anxiety or panic disorder before and have no plans on having it now. For some reason, the medical Docts I've seen love blaming heart conditions on anxiety and panic which I find to be absurd! The first two docts dismissed the fact my grandparents left this world due to heart conditions and one at an early age. Any and all suggestion's are wanted. Thanks
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Welcome!  If it makes you feel better, you are not alone by any means.  :)

You mention palpitations - are you having an irregular heartbeat as well?  Were these captured and identified on a monitor?
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Thank you Dongato17!  They were all caught on the 30 day monitor. They doctor mentioned something about the bottom chamber of my heart but wasn’t too clear over the phone. The irregular heartbeat were all caught by the specialist and the sleep study lab.  I have a follow up within three weeks from now. I stopped taking the channel blockers as of today.
OK, see if you can get some details on exactly what they say was going on / was captured.  It'll help us give some experiences if they are similar.  :)
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