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Heart Palpitations

In the last six months i have had lots of symptoms and testing.It all started with a racing heart rate up to 150 at times, Chest pressure, and feeling like I could not breath. I still have a lot of cheat pressure that is there more then not through out the day. I also get shooting pains in my chest mostly on the left side.  I have had multiple EKG's, 2 echos, tilt table test,and I was on a heart monitor for a month, I have been tested for lymes, acid reflux, tyroid problems and have had all negative results. All the doctors have not been able to find anything other than a hiatal herni, my doctor says though that, that would not cause any symptoms. Recently I have been getting this weird pulsing feeling at the top of my stomach I am guessing where the diaphragm is. I dont feel it in my chest and my heart does not race when it happens, could this be heart palpitations or is it something else?  Have I had adequate testing to rule out anything with my heart since I still have the pressure? I am a 27 year old female, not very active other than taking care of three children. My youngest is 9 months old, for the first 6 weeks of pregnancy I was very sick. Could that have played a role in all of this?  
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I looks like you've had the of tests I know of except for a stress test, or did I overlook?  The stress test is, I belive, mostly to check for blood circulation to the heart muscles.  I think it is very rare that a person your age would have any trouble there, of with your heart at all for that matter.

Has the doctor(s) considered stress, anxiety or depression as a possible cause?  Those thought some to my mind when reading your post.  

Wishing you well, and say try to be calm and positive and, yes, optimistic.  You are a young person and you apparently have a structurally sound and normal heart.  These thoughts may help, dwell on them when you are feeling down/uncomfortable, and keep working with your doctors to find a solution/cure.  
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I feel as though anxiety could be playing a big part in what is going on, what my real concerns are, are the shooting sharp pains I feel on the left side of my chest and also the pulsing or palpitations that I feel in where my diaphragm is. If I knew that these things were not a concern I would feel alot better.
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Have you been checked for a hiatal hernia, these can cause some of the fluttering feeling you are having in your tummy.
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Yes I actually do have a hiatal hernia, and I thought that my symptoms could be coming from that especially the chest pressure, but then my gastro doc said that they do not cause symptoms. I did some research online and found a lot of people that say they have symptoms from it.
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