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Heart Rhytmn

I have had my heart skipping for about some months now and did all possible test, the doctors are not concerned and says my heart is healthy. But at the same time i am worried cause the frequency of my skipped beats have increased. I could be free for years but now its frequent. also i had these runs of pvc but the doctors are still not worried. but i read somewhere that if u get 3 runs that is called v tach and that it is dangerous and that it can cause heart to beat wrong . my mother says she have had skips all her life but and she experience runs of them too.  ... but its not dangerous? i don't understand.
and she is not worried. oddly enough i had all tests and the doctors says there is nothing. but i get the skips...

i noticed that fish oil omega 3 food seems to help me and oddly enough the skips went away! sometimes the heart can beat hard and i feel it in my throat and sometimes i just feel them in a special position. for example if i bend over that triggers my heart to do the skips. if i lie down on my stomach it may skip and lying on my left side triggers the skips. but i don't know what to say. should i be worried ? i read alot of stuff on this and some stuff are very scary.
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I am so glad that I found this forum. I have had skipping after eating, bending over, lying down and even during sex. I hate my life sometimes and feel there is not hope. I have gone to two different cardiologists. The first told me he had never heard of skipping while laying down or bending over. I explained that some nights I could hardly eat it would get so bad. He acted like I was making things up. It makes you feel horrible like you are crazy, but you know what you feel is real. I have also been told just quit thinking about them, everyone has skipped beats. I don't sit around and think about my heart skipping until it happens. Somedays I don't have any and other day I can  hardly move without it skipping, 400 or more times that day. It is so frustrating. I just keep telling myself I am not going to die, I never have yet. That helps me push through the skipping and  continue to live.I fell like this holds me back, I just want to be me again.
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I had been experiencing day-long clusters of PVC for quite a few years.  I associated this with my nearly lifelong SVT which had increased in frequency after I turned 50.  Last November, I had an ablation which cured the SVT, the PVC clusters remained.  At a physical this past March, I was warned by my physician that my blood sugar was climbing higher and higher, and now was the time to do something about.  I decided to go on a diet, and cut carbohydrates completely out of my diet.  No meaningful amount of carbs are being consumed.  I estimate that I average about 25 grams of carbs per day.  The weight is literally falling off of me.  I also noticed another pheomonon.  My PVC's went away; vanished.

Now I was on vacation last week, and we stopped at a dairy where I was coerced into consuming an ice cream cone.  It was wonderful, and I relished every bite.  About an hour after eating it, the PVC's returned and were present for about a full day, gradually subsiding on the second day after I got back on on the "lo-carb wagon."  I don't know what the mechanism is behind the absence of my PVC's.  All I know is when I eliminated carbohydrates, my PVC's went away.
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If it gets worse gets worse get put on beta-blockers.  They stop irregular heartbeats, tachacaria(fast heart beat), chest pain, anxiety, and make blood pressure normal.  Studies show that beta-blockers will improve heart function.  It will be healthier over time because of consistent normal function of the heart.
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The internet can be such a scary place. I was convinced I was dying and there was no one who could help me. Instead my Cardio and Arrythmia Cardio said I also have PVCs. I do have small runs but normally only when I have taken some type of stimulant (caffeine, stress, certain cold meds etc) My Cardio said the only time that I need to come back and see him is if I have: 1. A "run" that last longer then 30 seconds or 2. if with those runs / palps / PVC hard beats, I also get lightheaded, dizzy, pass out, or shortness of breath. Then he will medicate me. Other then that, he says to just exercise and watch my stimulant intake.

It's a scary thing when talking about your heart but PVCs are so very common and most people do not even realize they have them. They are only a concern when there is underlining heart disease etc...  

I hope this helps! :)

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LikeSassyLassie, I shared your symptoms for a couple of years.  Ask your DR to get you scoped for a hiatal hernia.  Google away for the symptoms.  There are many.
Mine included palps, skipped beats, full stomach, food sticking in throat.
Dont take no for an answer.  It took me over a year to convince the DR to get me scoped.  While a hernia *****, at least you will be able to rule out the heart.
ps  Hernias are very common.

Good luck.
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Hello, I can sympathize with your fears and concerns. I have PAC's and they scare me silly. I have read that with a healthy heart, PVC's and PAC's are NOT dangerous, just scary. Since all the tests are good, that is a positive sign.

I, too, get them when I sit slouched, bend down, eat a large meal, drink a glass of water, or sleep on my left side, in other words, they sometimes feel positional, it stinks. Some of mine are also caused by my hiatal hernia, it pushed up through the diaphragm and excites the cardiac reflex nerve. UGH.

As to being worried, well I think most folks are, but, try not to be, in a healthy heart, they are not dangerous, they just scare the bejeebers out of ya.

Oh, I agree, there are some sites on google that will give you nightmares, you are pretty safe here and you can rest assured, you will get good, honest answers as well, this is a great place.
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