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Heart, body sensations

So I was seen In the ER 2 nights ago I went in because I kept feeling faint every 5/10 minutes I would feel like I was going to faint, I was shaky, I was sweating, my body felt weak, and I couldn’t eat anything at all for 2 days. I was told I have an ear infection, I was dehydrated & my thyroid was out of whack. Which I already knew about the thyroid bc I’m on thyroid and cholesterol medicine. At the hospital I was given 2 bags of fluids, Antivert for the dizziness and zophran for nausea! I felt a little bit better after that but I now feel weak again, my head feels weird, my body feels weird I’ve been having upper back/neck/spine pain and it feels like the chest pain and weakness I’m feeling is coming from that bc if I poke my chest out like I’m stretching my back it helps a little bit, but I’m not sure, but I always wake up sweating and shaking every morning, I am ALWAYS hungry like no matter how much I eat I am always hungry, I’m always tired, I’m only getting 2/3/4 at max hours of sleep a night I can’t sleep anymore than 4 hours I always wake up! I’m always in pain specially my back, and my heart rate is always crazy, like when I stand up or when I’m moving around my heart rate goes up to 190BPM and idk why, my ears always hurt and feel full and I’ve been to the doctor for this multiple times and I’ve seen a heart doctor he wanted me to wear a Hilton monitor for 24/hours to see what is going I. But I haven’t been able to make that apt because of the virus (COVID)! I do have anxiety VERY BAD AND I HAVE VERY BAD HEALTH ANXIETY. I’m just wondering what could be going on why I ALWAYS feel all of these symptoms? It’s literally non stop and I just want to be happy and normal again!  I also lost a child back in 2016 she was 4 at the time and I was diagnosed with PTSD 2 years ago.
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I am 25 years old btw!
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