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Heart pains

Hi i am 15 years old and currently weighing about 157 lbs and about 5' 7". For a week now ive been having direct heart pains that left me worrying the whole day. The pains come out of no where when i least expect them. i have been to the doctor and they have done an electrocardiogram and xrays and they have found nothing wrong with me, although they said my heart beated a little fast, (94 bpm) nothing too serious. Also, every time i stand up, my heart pounds really hard and slow and i have to catch my breath for a while to return to normal. Everyday i check my pulse and worry about my heart probably all day and i don't know what to do anymore.
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has anything traumatic happened in your life before you started feeling this way like the death of a loved one,emotional trauma is high on the lists of heart and anxiety problems.broken heart can do it.
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This is NOT medical advice, but just some facts that I have observed over the years of my heart arrythmias.  When you are scared, you pump out adrenaline, which makes your heart go faster.  When you stand up, it takes a few seconds for your blood pressure to adjust to the new position, which can cause dizziness.  Your heart rate is a little higher than high normal -- are you using caffeine in any form? Stress can cause a fast heart rate.  It would be reasonable to ask for a referral to a cardiologist.  Pain is a signal from your body that something may be wrong, and is worth getting checked out.  Try to do things that are calming in the meantime, such as meditation or listening to calming music.  It is unlikely your doctor would let you leave if he thought you were in trouble.  A double check and some peace of mind are what you are looking for here.   Good luck to you.  
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