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Heart palpitations for 2 days in a row, hangover, female 24 y

Hello! I had a dry january, meaning i didn't drink alcohol and enjoyed tea while at parties. Now i went out and drank a lot of alcohol and have been having heart paptilations for two days in a row. It went a little bit better for a while today, but now it went worse again, after i ate. The palpitations are additional beats, which are very irritating and sometimes very strong and it's driving me nuts. I also have history with panic disorder and i could do statistics of how many times i've called the ambulance (most of those times while hungover). I know that being hungover is the cause of this obviously, and also my anxiety worries, but i still need reasuring, that nothing bad will happen. I am 24 years old, female, they have done EKG-s, and they have been fine..
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I suspect that something is up with the stomach considering the issue was made worse by eating.  There is a vagus nerve that runs down the digestive tract and when it gets irritated it sends signals to the heart causing it to act up.  I suspect that this is the case with you.  Try some antacids and see if it helps but eat soft foods or at least foods that do not aggravate your stomach and it should clear up in a few days.  I also suggest drinking lots of water when you drink alcohol.  Alcohol dehydrates you which is also a big trigger for heart palpitations and even tachycardia.  But considering your heart appears to be healthy according to your doctors none of it is a big concern so try to remind yourself that when you feel panic coming over you about your heart acting up.  Do your best to counter your fearful thoughts with more calming rational thoughts and see if that helps stave off a panic attack.  Take care and try to not worry and just pay mind to your stomach.  

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