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Heart palpitations, when to worry?

I'm 21 years old and have been experiencing a feeling of my heart skipping a beat or speeding up almost daily since I was pregnant. My son is now 5 months old and they've continued. I've worn a holter monitor three times over the past year. Today I got a call from my last one. The woman told me I have "significant pauses in my heart beat, of up to 4.8 seconds long". Is this a huge cause for concern? She wasn't sure and said the dr will call when he can to discuss, but couldn't get me an appointment until next week. Can this wait a week? I'm not experiencing any pain or anything with the palpitations, other than occasionally feeling like I need to breathe deeper to catch my breath. Like I said, I'm only 21, no underlying causes I know of nor any other medical problems, normal blood pressure, not overweight or anything. I'm breastfeeding and trying to keep my fluid intake up but I've always been bad with that. What could be causing these heart flutter feelings?
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They didn't say. The woman on the phone didn't know too much, she was just relaying info. Hopefully they call back soon so I can find out more. Thanks!
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did they tell you if you had pvs/pacs when you was on monitor.

lots have the pause I really don't know much abou that I know someone will come on here that can tell you more about that.
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