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Heart rate changes after orgasm, normal or not?

37 year old single female. I was "diagnosed" with POTS (Postual Orthostatic Tachacardia Syndrome) around March or April of 2016 but my current cardiologist now does not think it is POTS. He has referred me to a cardiac electrophysiologist, I see him tomorrow. So here is what happens: my normal resting heart rate is about 58 bpm, when I am standing it can go as high as 160 bpm and I get light headed, start sweating. Other times like after I have an orgasm it slows down so much. It beats super slow but hard. Also feels like it skips beats but then will beat three times. Usually last about 3-5 minutes before going back to normal. I'm kind of nervous about the appointment tomorrow. Anyone else have this problem? What test did you have to determine the problem? What did you have to do to correct the problem?
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Well fear of heart issues certainly ruins the moment, doesn't it.  I think the other poster was trying to say that even under normal circumstances, the heart rate will change and even blood pressure.

So, POTS is often caused by certain things like even anemia, diabetes, etc. Have they determined any reason why you have POTS?  And do you do anything about it such as medication, lifestyle, diet, exercise, etc?  

I'm wondering about the outcome of your doctor's appointment.  What was the recommendation. I'd say the best thing is to either wear a holter monitor if you feel this would recur in a 24 hour period or an event monitor if you need more time to have the situation occur.  

Cardiac issues during sex are not uncommon unfortunately.  
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So I went to the Dr yesterday because he had an emergency surgery on Friday. After looking at my holter monitor they have determined that it is an electrical problem where the electrical pulses are not making it to my ventricles. Its called a heart block. He had an ambulance take me straight from the office to the hospital and admitted me. They are running tests to see if it is something that can be managed with medication but so far all tests have been clear meaning I may have to have a pacemaker put in.
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After a woman orgasm, Both breathing and heart rate will increase. As a result of the excitement of the central nervous system, the result is increased breathing and heart rate. At orgasm, the number of breaths can reach 40 times / min, the heart rate increases to 120 times / min, and some women even up to 150-160 times / min.
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This has absolutely nothing to do with my question. I did not ask what the normal heart rate is after orgasm nor did I ask about breathing. Please read the post before giving an answer that completely irrelevant.
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