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Heart rate in watch

Hi guys. I have recently gotten a cheap fitness watch (xiaomi mi band 3) since I exercise.I have noticed that it has recorded on ita own without me pressing it I mean sometimes a hr as low as 43/48. Although I have checked it a couple of times especially when I train and it shows low false readings as I compare by hand I still feel a bit scared . I have never felt dizzy or anything else but still worry it might be true..The average is always in the 60's .
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Hello and welcome.  It sounds like your watch is not registering very accurately.  I would double check by hand your heart rate when it gives you a reading like that. If you get the same thing that way, then speak to your doctor but this doesn't sound like a reliable device for checking heart rate. https://www.livescience.com/56459-fitness-tracker-heart-rate-monitors-accuracy.html  We wish you the best.
Thank you!
@Sara . Would point out that this low rate registered only on automatic recordings otherwise manually never saw such a low
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