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Heart rate increases while standing.

I'm female, 18, 109lbs, & 5'6". I have recently been told I have sinus tachycardia, I have had an ekg done and a echo. The results for the ekg came back normal just my heart beat was high. And the echo was normal. I was put on a beta blocker, proplanolol. I have been on that for two months, while being on it I have noticed that my heart beat is between 70-89 while laying down. But recently I decided to take it while standing up and yesterday at one point it was 130 while standing. And then I took it later that night after standing for 5 minutes, and it was 90. I took it again today and it was 135. This worries me, is this normal? I know the doctors say my heart is "normal" and they think I will live a long and healthy life, but I think that is a little high for just standing and doing household chores. They think I may be hypothyroid. My tsh level 2 months ago was 4.27. And I recently went back and they said I was more than likely hypo because my levels were up. I go back July 14 for more blood work. But all my other blood work is normal. I also feel like sometimes when I get worked up that my body will shake, so I have to calm down to feel better.
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130 does seem a little high for just walking around. it seems that you are under a lot of stress, as i have been recently as well about my pvcs. the elevated heart rate could be caused by worry. this happens to me all the time when i feel somethings wrong i start to fixate on it and when i do that it makes me nervous and causes an increase in heart rate. if you are thinking about it when you are doing your normal day activities it can cause it to go up with worry. it is very scary trust me, but as long as you feel okay otherwise you should be good. a heart rate of 60-100 at rest is perfect. i am no doctor just trying to give you reassurance in what you are experiencing is not only you.  
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I'm in the same boat as you are. I'm a 20 year old female and I'm a healthy weight. Sometimes when I'm just standing my heart rate gets pretty high. About like yours . It'll range from 90 - 130 . I have slightly low blood pressure sometimes. Nothing too crazy . But I think my issue is low blood pressure and anxiety. When ever I'm properly hydrated and eat enough my heart doesn't beat that fast. If your blood pressure is on the lower side you might do what I do .
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You should ask your doctor if he can test you for POTS or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Meaning when you stand up your heart goes into tachycardia. A normal heart rate is considered anywhere between 60-100 therefore, 90 isnt really bad when you are standing up. Considering it lowers after 5 mins this is a good sign and would be nothing to worry about. If you are still concerned ask your GP about POTS.
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