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Heart rhythm

Sometimes lately when I am calm like watching t.v or something I get like a fish flopping sensation in my heart area or like 3-3 beats in a row . I immediately take my pulse and its perfect plus no other symptoms simultaneously. Surprisingly I didnt get a single one this summer during a cancer scare so I dont think its stress related. I suffer from Hashimoto thyroiditis and acid reflux/Gastritis and exercise, normal weight . Dont smoke or drink. What could it be?
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It could be an abnormal heart rhythm, including but not limited to premature ventricular contractions (PVCs). You should see your doctor for further evaluation with EKG, Holter monitor, event recording, etc.
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Thyroid issues are associated with ectopy formation so yes, what the above user said. A holter is best.
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Thyroid issues and reflux can cause palpitations, always safer to get checked out by a cardiologist to make sure they’re benign. That flip flop feeling is usually a PVC. They are generally benign unless you have structural heart disease or some congenital rhythm defect. But just to be sure get checked out.
Thank you
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Thyroids also associated with AFib and Afib triggers as well. Doesn’t sound like it’s the case here but is apparently a thing to keep in mind.
Thank you .
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