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Heartbeat makes a popping sound

I've been trying to do research on what this could be but I'm really lost and maybe someone on this forum went through this and knows what I'm feeling.

The other day when I was laying on my left side and noticed a weird sound coming from my chest, it seems like the feeling is coming from my heart or atleast in the area. So I layed their trying to figure out what it was then I noticed it tents to happen going along with my heartbeat. It also only happens if I lay on my sides a certain way, sometimes the sound comes on easily, othertimes I kinda have to adjust the way I'm laying, when I lay on my left the sound is louder. I showed my parents and they both were clueless on what it could be. In a quiet room you can hear it without a stethoscope, I actually used my friends stethoscope we both heard just a normal heart beat.

There is no pain but when I lay a certain way, mostly on my left. I feel a pop, click, or snap like feeling along with my heartbeat. It's on the left of the sternum right under my ribcage. I'm not sure if it's even my heart or my lungs or my bone structure but I can hear it without a stethoscope and I can physically feel it if I put my hand on the area.

I'm a 25 year old male, 5'9 at 120 lbs so I'm tall and thin, I eat well and never had heart problems before. There is no pain that comes with this weird sound but this is the best way I can explain it. My insurance kicks in 1st of next month so I'll have to wait to then to get it checked but any idea what it can be? Maybe my heartbeat is cracking my sternum joints because it kinda feels and sounds like that lol
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I have no idea myself what it could be but suspect some sort of muscle or tendon or even an air pocket of some sort.  Considering you have no pain and it only comes on when you are in a certain position I doubt a doctor would find it concerning but it's always best to run it past them just to get a professional point of view.  Take care.
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Thank you, yeah its super odd the day I noticed the feeling which was 4 days ago I woke up with a shape pain where I heard the sound. Day 2 no pain but the sound is still there, todays day 4 and same thing no pain but sound. Anyone else have any ideas? Maybe I did pull a muscle, idk how long those take to heal but hope it's soon. I'm just weirded out and confused the feeling and sound goes with the beat as if my heart is beating against something making this pop sound.
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Not sure this is heart related so maybe post this in the undiagnosed symptoms section to see if you get any suggestions.
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I had the exact same problem! Good to see it's not only me. For me, it only occurs when there is food/water in my stomach. Not sure if it's related tho...
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