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Hello I am new I have SVT

I am 27 years old I have  SVT. I had a ablation in march of 2007 that was not successful. My SVT'S very from 150-283 beats per minutes was the highest one I was on Metoprolol but my Dr took me off that because I have low blood pressure and the Metoprolol was making it lower. Now I am on Ativan 1mg and Paxil to treat my anxiety it seems my anixiety triggers my heart into a SVT because I get so anxious its actaul been recoded on a ekg.

Sorry I wanted to say the full story so you understand my question is can Ativan help SVT?
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i have svt too also had a ablation that did not work but it did ease the hits somebit
there are triggers for svt the usual caffine-chocolate-alcohol u know the things we like
anxiety can also not help with svt as anxiety raises the heart rate i know most of my runs come when i am anxious as well and when your heart beats like that it is goin to cause anxiety as well so it is kind of a circle
there are lots of ways to treat anxiety
meds is one and therapy is another if the anxiety is causing more svt runs i suspose to be in a less anxiety state would help decrease them
there are other beta blockers out there if others dont suit
there is also a great anxiety forum in here with loads of people who give great advise
would they try or have they offered another ablation
i am hoping to have a second
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Has your Dr. mentioned another ablation?  Sometimes it takes more than one ablation to be successful.
I have had SVT for a long time.  I am going for an abaltion on Aug, 4th.  I know how you feel. I've lived with anxiety associated with my SVT since the age of 16.  I am now 52.  I've been so scared all these years to have the ablation but I don't want to deal with it anymore so I have finally scheduled the ablation.
Have you talked about what is going on with your Dr.?
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