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Help me with results please. Im really scared.

Hello community. Im fresh one 23 years mild smoker and mild alchocol, too much stress, and i urgently need your help to tell me is everything allright. Im so scared my heart will stop...I have ventricular beats that are getting more and more frequent and stronger, or myb im just too much scared or stressed that i imagine. Im falling in depression, and i have massive anxiety and panic attacks. Currently im on Propranolol 10mg 2x day. It ease my PVCs and my fast HR but it slows me down. Btw i have low BP, 110-70, sometimes 90-50...and when u put Propranolol atop of that...

This is my EKG Holter monitor of 24h.
Heart Rate:
min: 47
max: 162 (mini trening od 10tak min)
srednje: 81
otkucaja: 114555

ST segment analysis:
Total ST minuta CH1: 30
Total ST minuta CH2: 0
Total ST minuta CH3: 80
Max Abs. ST depression: -3.7 CH3
Max Abs. ST Elevation: N/A
Max ST episode: 32min
Max HR in ST episode: 157

Ventricular Ectopy:
VE ukupno: 399
V-Pair total: 0
V-Run total: 0
Longest V-Run: N/A
Maximum HR V-Run: N/A
Minimum HR V-Run: N/A
VE's per 1000/na sat: 4/17
Ventricular R on T: 1

Supraventricular Ectopy:
SVE total: 4
SVE pair total: 0
SV-Run total: 1
Longest SV-Run: 4 beats
Maximum HR SV-Run: 74
SVE's per 1000/za sat: 1/1
Total Aberrant Beats/Runs: 2/0
Atrial Fib/Flutter: 0.0%

Heart Rate Variability:
SDNN-24 hour: 141
SDANN Index: 122
SDNN Index: 66
rMSSD: 334
pNN50: 13
Spectral Power-24 hour: 4258.5
Min spectral power hour: 1994.2
Max spectral power hour: 6737.5

Pauses in Excess of 2.5 sec: 0
Max pause: N/A

Max QT: 428ms Ch1
Max QTc: 472
BBB 25.

Here is ECHO test, thou English is not my home lang. i will try to somehow translate it to it:

"left ventricular chamber is normal diameter, EDD/ESD 46//29mm, fibrouno changed septum which is fatting normally, IVS/PW 7/7mm, saved global systole functions EF 65%FS36%. Front mitral valve, echogenie saved amplitude movemant, it's registred thin stream regurotaction, Mr1+in first artial chamber, normal diameter 27mm, aorta root, normal diameter 29mm, aortas valve is trovelarn, saved separation 25mm, again thin stream of regurgitation, AR1+. Right chamger normal diamterer, registering central thin stream of regirutaction TR1+ in right arital chamber normal diameter. SPDK 26mmHG, lung artery normal diameter, max transvalvularn speed of stream 0.94m/s. Perikard, distinctively thickened is bazal segments" sry for bad lang and trans.

Guys pls tell me, is there something wrong with me, i cant stop thinking about 3-4 months about this, i dont leave home, my social life so ruined, and i srlsy think about suiciding cuz i cant take this **** agony anymore. I have constant feel my heart will stop, what should i do???
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Your heart is fine.  Due to anxiety, you are hyper-conscious of your harmless extra heartbeats.  They terrify you, adding to the anxiety and depression you already suffer from.

So, the real problem is that you are in urgent need of treatment for panic disorder/depression.  This is not a question of will power or some kind of personal weakness.  It is simply a medical issue.

If you wish to get better and live a normal life, you must make an appointment with a psychiatrist and follow his/her advice.

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