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High heart rate (above 195) minutes into exercise

Hello everyone,

I have been having some heart troubles while exercising which I noticed about 9 months ago but could have had a lot longer and possibly my whole life. For as long as I can remember I have been able to run fast in short burst but have always fatigued easily.
I'm a 32 year old male, non smoker and never have, Consider myself relativly fit but nothing great, I generally exercise 2 to 3 times a week. I don't struggle with anything body weight wise, I can do several pullups with ease, pump out 35 pushups no worries but when it comes to Jogging I struggle. However I am quite a fast sprinter and have been my whole life. I used to run state 100m.
Here is a short breakdown of what I do have and what I don't have which you would associate with this normally.

•  Heart rate hits around 200bpm during relativly light running/jogging after a few minutes.
• After around 8 minutes of jogging with my heart rate being around 200 already for a few minutes I feel like I cant push on, although I am not out of breath or phycially exhausted.
• Heart rate takes a long time to return to normal, one time after hitting 200bpm, it took 13 minutes to return to 120bpm then a lot longer to get back down to resting.

Things I dont suffer from:
• Any heart pain
• Random palpitations
• Shortness of breath or diziness

So around 9 months ago I was looking to improve my cardio and one of my friends who is a physical training instructor gave me some exercises to perform, They included running 400metres in a certain time frame which was calculated, then waiting for my heart rate to drop below 140bpm before going again. What I found was that after the second 400m circuit my heart rate was at 195bpm and I would have to wait around 10 minutes before my heart rate would return to below 140bpm and then I would do the 400m which would cause my heart rate to shoot above 195bpm again.
I let my friend know this and he said it was very unusual and I should see a doctor, which I did. The doctor eliminated the simplest things first which was giving me 30 minutes of steady cardio a day for two weeks to eliminate conditioning. There was nil change after the two week perdio so I was sent for blood tests and a cardio stress test.
The stress test involved me walking on a tread mill while having my heart monitored. It starts very slowly then increases in speed after 3 minutes, the third interval which I stopped at the end of was around a 7.5km/h pace. During this perdio of walking, my heart rate hit 204bpm.
I was then sent for a stress echo as they thought it may be Coronary artery disease however after doing the stress test again followed directly by an echo it was found that this was not the case and my heart was operating fine.
My blood tests returned nothing out of the ordinary, however my GP put me on statin and asprin to prevent any risk of heart attack.
I was sent to have a halter monitor fitted which I had on for 24 hours, this also came back as nothing unusual.
After getting the results from the stress echo my cardiologist told me that my heart was fine, it just beats fast. Not really the answer I wanted especially when I would like to jog for longer than 5 minutes.
I was then sent to a pulmonologist for some lung tests, this involved me inhaling gas and exhaling into a machine to test how much was absorbed. These also came back as good and showing no real signs of anything being wrong.
After getting frustrated with no answers I have done some research online and found a few other people with the same symptoms however no answers were found in the posts.
One example below.
It was mentioned in there however that one person found they had a thyroid issue, So I asked my GP if it was possible and they sent me for a blood test to have that tested, the results returned today as negative to any thyroid issues (they also did a diabetes test which came back negative aswell).
My resting heart rate is around 70 and today I decided to go for a light jog and try keep in my aerobic zone which is under 160. However I found that even after light jogging i was at 180. I was barely breathing hard. I ended up being able to keep my heart rate at 159 by walking slightly faster than my usual walking pace.
If anyone has any suggestions I can give to the doc, that would be great as it seems there is no answer for me yet. Also please dont reply with the max HR 220-age stuff. It is everywhere already and I am well aware of this. I just want to be able to run comforably at around 165bpm.
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Hey not sure this is going to be of much help or not.... I too have always had a higher heart rate than some of my peers, my resting at sleep is about 65, if I am sat chatting with friends it's about 100. If I walk my dog, it's normally around 150, a jog and I can easily get to 180+ and I've never had a problem getting my heartrate up to 200 (I'm 29years old btw). I've never had the endurance issue though and have played competitive sport my whole life.

I have however been recently  diagnosed with  a  heart condition (RVOT-VT) I not sure how long I've had it for, I don't think I've had it all along. I've had palpitations for years, since I was about 25, but in the last 4-5 years I get a particularly horrible run of them when I exercise. It turns out I've been going into sustained vtach, and my heartrate isn't the 180 that my Fitbit picks up but actually 235-260bpm. Oops. My new heartrate monitor that has a chest strap to wear has confirmed I get this even when I am not working that hard, it's very easy for me to see my heartrate at 235+ BPM.

Have they picked up any abormal rhythms when you work out with your halter on? Mine was picked up in the 24hrs I wore the monitor even though I didn't feel any weirdness in my chest, I was actually annoyed I didnt get the horrible palpitations when I worked out that day!
Sorry that should have said 'ive had palpitations for years, since I was around 15'
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No palps here, none on the 24hour halter monitor or when I was doing either of the two stress tests.  From what the cardiologists tell me, my heart is 100% fine, just beats fast.
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