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High iron levels cause pvcs?

Been having pvcs off/on for several years. 41 yo male, very active (cycling hiking, weight lifting). I get yearly physicals and bloodwork for cholesterol among other things. I went to see my pcp yesterday for continued GI issues and potential kidney stones. Up until 3 weeks ago, I was loading up on protein in my diet by drinking one ensure plus and eating a protein bar every day for one month. Figured I would supplement as I was trying to gain a few pounds (6'1", 155lb). Also added in some eggs. Didn't realize too much protein may cause stones. Xray revealed no stones, trace amount of blood in urine.

Anyway, while I'm at the office, I ask if she can check my potassium, magnesium and iron levels and reminded her of my pvcs. I get results today and K and Mg are normal, but iron is borderline high. My results:
Iron = 126 (range 59-158)
TIBC = 344 (range 250-450)
37% saturation

I don't supplement with iron, but she notes my levels are high. Looking at the ranges, I don't see that they are, but I'm not the doc. It's ironic because I wanted her to check iron levels since low levels can cause irregular heartbeat and I thought I may be low. Wasn't aware of a condition called hemachromatosis (too much Fe). Doubt I have it, but it can cause all sorts of organ issues and irregular heart rhythm. One way to lower levels is to donate blood, so maybe I'll do that. I've been to two cardio docs and they've confirmed my pvcs are benign, but like everyone else, I'm always looking for the holy grail as to what could be causing them. Anyone think my #'s are high?
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Unless the following disease directly causes the heart related symptoms, the disorder itself is characterized by excess iron accumulation, apparently causing rhythm disturbances.

I'm not familiar with the topic, but it's difficult to believe that the blood levels listed above represent high levels. Here's an article on the topic:


The disorder mentioned above:

"Hemochromatosis is an iron disorder where the body simply loads too much iron.

Some complain of the following symptoms with Hemochromatosis. However these symptoms are not specific to hemochromatosis:

Lack of energy
Abdominal pain
Memory fog 
Loss of sex drive
Heart flutters 
Irregular heart beat."
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I've often wondered if high iron can cause premature beats as well.  I have thallasemia which oftentimes results in high iron content.  However, doctor's usually dismiss it as a non-factor in preamture beats.  It's funny that nearly every doc is willing to concede that they don't know what causes premature beats...yet when you bring up anything to them as a potential cause, they quickly dismiss it.
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