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Holter Monitor 30 day results, is there more I should know?

Here is the copy of heart monitor results and recommendation by a cardiologist:

Occasional premature atrial contractions and brief supraventricular runs, symptomatic.
Recommend avoidance of stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, decongestants, diet pills, energy drinks, etc.


I used to work out a few days a week for 30 - 45 minutes at a stretch with an elevated HR of 130 - 170 bpm, can I safely return to this routine? What triggered the holter requirement was an episode I had after a very intense 45 minute work out where my heart rate stayed elevated for about 20 minutes, I called 911 after 10 minutes and went into ER. I was released after blood work and ekg were normal. I'm a bit paranoid about getting on my bike again, working up a sweat and getting my heart rate up again.
Thank you for any comments re diagnosis and future exercise suggestions!!
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Only your physician can determine if you can return to your normal routine.  You left out details that are necessary for me to comment with any degree of accuracy.  You say your heart rate was "elevated" after an intense workout.  How elevated? How did it return to normal?  Diet, and hydration can have an effect on you heart response to physical stress.  But it sounds to me that it wasn't anything that could be concerning.
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Also.... the results of the 30 day monitor seem for the most part to be unremarkable.
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Thank you for responding! My heartrate went from around 130 bpm to 170 at the end of my workout when I bent over to stretch, and stayed elevated at around 170 for about 10 minutes, that's when I called 911, then it lowered to about 135 - 140 for another 15 minutes and finally returned to normal, on its own without any intervention. The EMT said it could be vagel nerve related or I might have sensitive heart cells (?), the doctor at ER said it was PVT that it may or may not return. I would say for about a month after I felt like I had palpatations every now and then. However the last few weeks I have felt great and am walking about about 5 miles a day and feel very stable inside! So I am building up my stamina via walking and light jogging before getting on the bike again.
I should also add that I had been in training at work that was very stressful, it had been going on for about 3 months before my incident. That day I had a strong cup of coffee around 2pm. I have since cut way back on caffeine only having 1/2 cup to none in the morning. Thanks
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