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How long have you been dealing with this?????

Skippi recently posted some things that got me thinking that maybe we could all share how long we've been living with arrhythmia.  Sometimes, it is a relief for "newbies" to see how long we've "survived."  Plus, it's kind of a HUGE accomplishment  to learn to live with these things, and it's not something you will be recognized for in a day to day world. Alcoholics measure their successes by hours and days, weight loss successes are measured by pounds and inches, work successes are rewarded by pins or clocks or watches (why so many time keeping devices by the way), and outstanding accomplishments get awards or recognition.  Well, we've survived and learned to thrive...that's an OUTSTANDING accomplishment...so let's share our stories.

I have experienced vasovagal syndrome since I was 15 (18 years ago) and can faint for the DUMBEST reasons.
I have had PVC's and SVT(maybe) for nearly 8 years.  This site has made me 1000 times more confident then I was when I first came and I thank you all for that.........here's to reaching out to others!!!!
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I'm going to be 56 tomorrow and have had atrial tachy episodes for as long as I can remember (first memory is around age 7 in school). It wasn't until my first ablation in 2000 that I learned the full range of arrhythmias I have: PAC's, PVC's, PSVT and had some chaotic atrial flutter. I think the flutter is gone but still have all the rest. However, I've also had 3 children, been married for 35 years and work with injured wildlife for over 17 years. So yes, there is life with arrhythmias.
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Your right..  When I was diagnosed with PVC's a months ago and they were at their worst ever this site made me feel sooooo much better.  It definately helped with my anxiety to hear all your stories of how long you all have been dealing with heart issues.  I knew that I was not going to drop dead anytime soon:)  Hopefully..
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i have known about mine for 3 yrs now time is flying ,when i first found out about the svt it floored me and then all the meds and side effects and then the ablation ,i had all that before i knew about this place and looking back i wish i had known about this site sooner cause since i have been here it is such a relief to talk to others who have the same or who have a wealth of knowledge and who also know how to speak plainly and no mumbo jumbo ,i still have atrial tach and pacs,and it is a comfort now knowing there are others getting on and moving forward with these,and who have had for a considerable time ,
there is life with arrhythmias ,,,,there really is
all u  guys are great
time for a heart forum party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)
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This is a very useful post and has really got to me  as I've lived with SVT and PVC's for 27 years, without this community until August, and unlike lucyluu who has had the benefit of this forum I lived for many years really frightened of dropping dead - my life was an absolute nightmare!
I had to find my own way to live a 'normal' life and hid my 'problem' from everyone as who could I talk to about it and share experiences? I was the breadwinner for a large family and could not afford to show 'weakness'
I can remember horrifying . to me , experiences when I used to work abroad - say in Poland with no language, no interpreter, no way of contacting anyone and horrific SVT in the lonely early hours where I was concinced my heart could take no more. then get up the nexy day and represent my company.
That's why i love this community and will always stay active as I do not want people wasting so many years in fear as I did.
Keep up the good work everyone and help each other.
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I began with SVT at the age of 16.  I learned how to deal with it for 36 years. During those years,  I got married and had two beautiful  children. I just turned 53 in Sept. and underwent an ablation on Aug. 4th. after deciding I didn't want to live in fear of an episode anymore.   I've been SVT free since the ablation.
  I found this forum a few weeks before my ablation and I will always be grateful for all of you who answered my questions and listened to all of my fears. Life does go on with arrythmias even though it can be challenging at times .  The good news is that we are a communtiy ready and able to help all those in need of support and encouragement!
I'm with Lagoya -when is the heart forum party?!!!!!!!
  p.s. If anyone out there is contemplating an ablation and has questions or just needs support, I will do my best to help you.
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i started suffering with svt when i was 23,so 13 years...............
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I have suffered from pvcs,nsvt since I was 19!So thats a total of almost 10 years!
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My earliest memory of palpitations was at the age of 14 after being dx with Grave's Disease. Had my thyroid removed 3 years later at 17, but palps stayed. Over the next 10 years symptoms blew in and out, I guess just enough to let me know they were still here. As of Sept 06' my arrhythmia's have spun out of control. Since then I have had electrical cardioversion, 5 EP studies, 4 ablations. I feel like I am one of the unlucky ones becuase I am still not cured. While I may be unlucky in the sense that my journey is not over...I am very lucky to have found this forum and with that the new "online" friends that I have made, some clear across the world! I feel truly blessed and hope that I can pass on, to fellow sufferers, the support and sometimes the laughter that has been poured out to me on some of my darker days. OK enough my drama ...I am with Lagoya and Betty- When's the party? I gotta get into rhythm!:)
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OOPS! I almost forgot the question that was being asked. It's been 26 years since I first became aware that the rhythm of my heart was up to no good.
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i started having pvcs when i was 11 and im 13 now sooo two years. they are terrible and scary,and even make me depressed more than anything. when i first stumbled across this site i was sooo scared. i am only a kid and i was afraid i was gonna die. i would be so scared just to simply go to sleep or go to school or anything. but after talking to some of these people i realized i've got the lucky end of it all when it comes to pvc's. if i had to rate my anxiety before i found this site from 1-10 it was probably a 9.5 but since that its probably a 2. thanks a lot everyone, its great to see how we can all join together :)
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hi... check my post on heart disease with an update on amber...  30,000+ pac's which may have caused her cardiomyopathy but we are dealing with it and now moving her into her own place.........    her ef is up to 42%  pac's are still up but svts are down with the addition of digoxin    she is looking and feeling much better but still has her "days"...
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Hey dolfnlvr!!

Great question!  

I'm 51 and I've been aware of the quirky beats for over 30 years.  There is definitely life with arrythmias.....married 30 years, 3 great kids, a couple of college degrees, some great jobs and a bit of travel.

I had 2 ablations in 2003 and although I still have occasional PVCs and NSVT, it doesn't even come close to the tens of thousands I was having prior to the procedures.  To anyone trying to cope with arrythmias, do your best to carry on and not let them stop you in your tracks!  They will try, and some days will be frustrating, but it is so not worth the effort it takes to worry about them.  While you're worrying, you'll miss a lot of great opportunities and regardless, the ectopics will still be there.

Davwn, glad to hear Amber's EF is up some!    
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