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Hypotension/Bradycardia 6 years after ablation?

Hello. Looking to find out if anyone has ever heard of severe hypotension & bradycardia spells being a sign that SVT has returned. I have been feeling pretty lousy, hypotensive, heart rate all over the place, dizzy, vibrating heart sensation,chest pain, worsened by exercise. have had 2 episodes lasting 4-5 days twice in three months. My cardio thinks it may be a sign of SVT returning. Work up scheduled for next week. I had an ablation of the AV node in 2008. Anyone experience anything similar?
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I have a BP of about 90/56 , HR between 48 and 58. Had an ablation done for atrial flutter in 2013. Pvc's have gone crazy the past few months, from an average of 500 a day to pretty much sustained trigeminy and the occasional couplet or salvo thrown in. It feels like it gets worse several hours after exercise. No return of flutter or A-fib. So far.
Take care & good luck.
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I have never heard of bradycardia being associated with svt which is a fast beat as you know and bradycardia is a slower than normal beat.  If anything it suggest blockage to me not a return of your svt.  Though the vibrating heart could be.  What did you have the avnode ablated for?  Afib or something else.  If it was for afib the vibration to me seems a bit concerning that the afib might be coming back. Did you have your avnode completely ablated and a pacemaker put in?   I would get a monitor to try and catch what is going on so you know what it is.  Best of luck and hope you can get to the bottom of it all.

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Thank you for your reply.  I had the ablation for SVT during a routine appendectomy years ago. I had multiple events that didn't sit well with my age, 26. Could I possibly have blockage at 32? I'm not overweight, excercises pretty often, and eat fairly healthy.
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Thank you for your reply. Prior to your ablation, were your symptoms constant? Or did they seem to come and go?
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