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I am having heart "skips" Doctor thinks I am crazy

Hello I am 41 years old, and in 2014 I had my first AFIB attack. Come to find out after this is caused by my Hashamotos Thyroid Disease. I have been struggling with this condition for awhile, but keep in check as much as I can. Recently I have had a struggle with my heart again :( Not in AFIB all though I did have a couple this year. I have had added stress, and trying to keep that under control. But since my last AFIB/ Anxiety attack I have had skipping beats, I can feel them, I have went to my Cardiologist, regular doctor,  and for mental health a psychologists. I am doing everything I can think of to get this under control, I feel like I am just being treated as a "CRAZY" patient. I am on Meteoprolo,EX 50  Larazapam .05 I feel is not enough. I have had echo and all the blood tests, holter monitor, they tell me nothing is wrong, But I feel there is.. I have a doctor appointment this next week with my Cardiologist who thinks it all anxiety, maybe so. But is there any questions I should ask him, this skipping is scaring me and I never had it before, I am also going on a road trip this next month, so I don't want to worry about things,, thanks  
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I don't think, you are skipping anything. When you have a PAC/PVC in between it does not pump out the ventricle normally, there is some blood left. After that you get the regular beat and it has to pump more because there is more and this is what you feel.
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You have what’s called lone afib and it contributes to pacs and pvcs. I think your problem is caused by the vagus nerve also known as lone vagal afib might wanna try an ablation or figure out where in your vagus nerve is the problem occurring from.
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UPDATE..I had my appointment yesterday. The cardiologist said that my heart has abnormal heartbeats, which he wants to control with meds, He is changing my Metoprolol to Ditiazem 120 anyone have experience with that? My blood pressure is a little high, personally on a roller coater, the not fun one. But I know its not too terrible. Yes of course I do have to lose weight. I know that, and I am taking the steps in doing that. I really don't eat fat stuff and I have been bike riding and mostly walking.  I am worried about my blood tests, expesically the Cholesterol panel . LDL C is 124, HDL is 33 and try is 122, Total is 181, he also mention that my Cholesterol is a "Genetic"? The total is 1782? LDL-P what is that? It has me scared and my anxiety is out of control. He wants to retest, to see if it was lab error. I had my blood tests done in June, but it was cardiac panel, I was having a AFIB fit.  As well as my Calcium is high and my potassium is low.. I am at my wits end.. I am scared, I know what I need to change, but my mind is terrible to me.. Thanks
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