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I can feel my heart beating ALL of the time

Hello, I'm an 18y/o male with concerns about my future. The 'trigger event' happened more than a year ago, I smoked some weed and had a panic attack, something I had never experienced before. I also had never had as much as I did (I do not know the actual value as I did not make the joints nor have much experience at all with weed) so after quickly having 2 joints I noticed I could feel some tingling in my chest, above my heart. I freaked out, the person I was with did not know how to help me at all, I started to look for help and at this point it feels like my heart is going to explode in my chest. I was petrified.
Fast forward half an hour, I'm still having the panic attack and have asked the person I was with the call an ambulance as I think I'm going to die within minutes. Eventually an ambulance get to me, record my heart rate and said nothing was wrong. I did not believe them. I went back to the hospital because that's the safest place to be in my head at the time, they notify my mother that I am there. She arrives shortly after. I can't stand all the sound of the patients, a kid crying, people talking. I wanted to beat them up for silence. At this point my whole body is freaking the **** out, shaking, tingling etc.
I eventually went home, had trouble sleeping for a few nights then went to see my GP A fee days after the event. He said I've got anxiety and to see a psychologist (I should add that I could see and feel my heart beating through my rib cage, something foreign to me but he thought nothing of it). It was a waste of time IMO, as I didn't think it was anxiety (and still don't). I could now feel my heart beat in my chest, a constant thud. This was abnormal for me. I had played soccer for numerous years growing up and never felt anything like this. I confront my GP about it, he gives me anxiety medication. I got kicked out of school shortly after my panic attack (not related to being kicked out). And had to find a job. I got one in a meat factory, extremely long shifts at a time I was disgusted with (3:30pm to anywhere from 9pm - 2am). I was getting depressed being unable to see my friends after school and didn't want to go anywhere on the weekends as I was exhausted. I worked in the line as a machine spat sausages out for hours, you are not meant to leave the line until break, which is hours. I noticed that if I needed to urinate my heart would skip a beat. This happened numerous times, I had to leave the line to go to the bathroom specifically to stop the skipping beats.
I noticed that when cleaning, bending down (crouched position) my heart would be discomforting. One night I was exhausted from my shift and had an extremely fast heart rate from basically doing nothing. Went to GP the next day, he suggested I quit and gave me a medical form so I could receive government funding. I was given a different anxiety medication but it gave me a headache so I stopped. I haven't had anymore medication for 'anxiety' since. I was put on a 24hr heart rate monitor but nothing came up.

It has been over a year since my panic attack. I feel my heart beat thudding in my chest almost all the time. I'm constantly tired as it gets worse when I try to sleep, which makes it worse the next day, so on. What is this? I want to go back to when I couldn't feel or see my heart pushing through my ribs.

If you need any additional information or any events, just ask, I will reply asap.
Thank you for reading my plea, any help is welcome.
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