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I had 1056 PVC's in the 24 hour period.... worried.

They say it's nothing but how can I live like this with a skipped heart beat so often.  I eat really healthy and blood work is perfect. I am 46 female.  Do you think it's stress? Is there any meds out there that people who have this use that actaully work?
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I don't think 1000 in 24 hours is enough to get the doctors attention absent any other trouble.  They would probably offer Xanax or something if you asked.  But I've had luck just drinking a couple beers and getting extra sleep.  
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Less than one per minute?  Nothing to even be concerned about.
Welcome back tom! All great answers!

First things first; everyone is correct about how likely it is that this is something to worry about! However if your symptoms are really causing discomfort or concern you can always talk to your doctor about medicines that may relieve your symptoms.

Beyond that;

The magic number for PVC's is 15% burden, or 15% of all total heart beats!

Medicines are acceptable at any level if the patient is symptomatic; however 5% is a good point at which you may want a patient to come back for followup to quantify the response to therapy. Those with under a 5% burden can have their therapy guided by symptom control without the need for too many holter repeats.

Hemodynamic compromise begins at 20%, at which point ablation is recommended. However in my opinion considering ablation is prudent beginning at the 15% mark, given the presumption that such burdens will only get worse with age.

There is no guidance suggesting such an approach is contraindicated, so whether a provider starts ablating at 15 or 20, some cases even sooner, is gonna be at their discretion.
Over what time period is the PVC burden calculated?
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Medications that relieve PVC burden and symptoms are as such (given in order of aggression, and hence bith likelihood of success and potential risks):

1. Beta Blockers (Metoprolol)
2. Calcium Channcel Blockers (Diltiazem)
3. Sotalol (Aggressive beta blocker with secondary effects. Potentially dangerous medication reserved for select patients)
4. Sodium Channel Blockers (Flecainide)
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